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Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but at my house there was always room for one more at the table. It didn’t matter how much we had – somehow there was always enough to go around. We didn’t think much about it – it was just part of our values. I think you know what I mean.

And good, wholesome food is always at the center, isn’t it? When someone’s sick, you bring a casserole. There are home-baked cookies or that signature pie for the new neighbors, and your specialty dish for the pot-luck supper. It’s just what we do. When your neighbor needs it, you just help. When you have extra, you share. And when you need a hand, there’s always someone there.

That’s why I want to invite you to help make room at our table by becoming a founding member of the Grace Café community.

What is Grace Café? A nonprofit, pay-what-you-can community restaurant soon to open in Danville – the first of its kind in Kentucky. We want to end hunger in Boyle County by providing healthy and delicious food to all who walk through our door. I know we’re ready for it – hey, here in Danville we know about “firsts”, right?

Will you accept my invitation?

Here’s the plan: we’re going to make meals from fresh, local ingredients. The menu will change depending on what’s in season. And instead of a cash register, we’ll ask people to pay what they feel their meal is worth. If your pockets are full, you can give a little more. If your pockets are light, pay what you can, If your pockets are empty, you can give an hour of volunteer time. It’s a hand-up. Not a hand-out.

We won’t make this work by squeezing local farmers, either. We’ll pay market prices along with accepting donations of first-rate, locally grown produce and other foods.

Grace Café isn’t a soup kitchen or a food pantry. It’s a restaurant. With your help, every guest will be welcomed and treated with dignity. It’s about you and me – all of us – coming together over really good food. And that’s what makes a community. That’s what strengthens a community.

But YOU are the key ingredient we need to make it work. Can you help us begin?

To open the restaurant, you and your kindness and caring for your neighbors – wherever they live – is critical to the process. With your help we can be open as soon as possible as the need in our community is urgent.

Would a gift of $100 be comfortable for you? Perhaps more? Even if it’s less, you’re fine. Your gift will immediately go to work to make Grace Café a reality.

With your help, Grace Café will create a more vibrant, healthy, and economically strong community. Neighbor next to neighbor – and everyone feeling welcomed and needed.

Scoot over just a bit… Let’s make room for everyone!

With Grace & Gratitude,

 LRrochelle bayless signatu002


Rochelle Bayless
Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Are You In?

  1. This is really an exciting opportunity for our community. I would love to be a volunteer or serve in any capacity that I am needed!

    1. Dear Kent,
      Thank you! And I so appreciate your support and your donation. I am glad that you have signed up for our newsletter and we will be sure to keep you up-to-date. We are currently looking for the perfect location and when we do, you will be one of the first to know.
      Many, many thanks,

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