Community Impact - Our Mission At Work

People need to feed themselves, next they need to feed their own communities.
— Wendell Berry

Meals Served

  • 73,950 meals have been served since opening in July of 2015

  • 10,208 meals served to-date in 2019

  • 694 kids meals served to-date in 2019. KIDS EAT FREE!

  • 22,172 meals served in 2018. A 13% increase from 2017


  • To-date in 2019, 169 unduplicated volunteers have worked a total of 2,375 hours.

  • Of those, 70 unduplicated individuals have worked 518.25 hours in exchange for a meal.

  • In 2018, 368 unduplicated volunteers worked a total of 4,005 hours.  

  • Of those, 177 unduplicated individuals worked 762 hours in exchange for a meal; 1,214 hours for required community service (court, housing, education); and 2,021 hours for voluntary community service. This represents a 41.6% increase in the number of people working for a meal in only one year. 


  • $23,095 in Pay-It-Forward donations have been received in 2019.

  • To-date, average amount paid/donated for a meal: $7.46. The average ticket order is $11.42. Meaning, there is a gap of $3.56 between the suggested donation/price and what is actually being donated/paid. This is a reflection of our mission at work – people who are paying what they can or volunteering in exchange for a meal.

  • Currently, 55% of the Café’s annual budget comes from what people are donating/paying for their meals. We must raise the remaining 45% from individual donors, corporate sponsors, local, state, and national funders, and special events.

  • Grace Café has the support of 526 individual donors, including 45 monthly sustaining donors. The Café also receives support from 23 faith communities, and 32 national, state and local corporate partners and funders including: The City of Danville, Lift-A-Life Foundation, Clif Bar Family Foundation, The Hudson-Ellis Foundation, TJX Foundation, Hobart Corp., KY Welfare Foundation, Dana Corp. Foundation, Trim Masters Foundation, Community Trust Bank, Farmers National Bank, and the National Christian Foundation.


  • Since opening, Grace Café has invested more than $90,000 in local agriculture by buying direct from local farmers, growers, and artisan food producers.

  • Grace Café’s 2019 Operating Budget, when broken down into four main categories, reflects the following expenses:

    • People – 48% ($164,659)

    • Food – 24% ($81,626)

    • Facility – 13% ($44,600)

    • Administration – 15% ($53,258)

Page updated August 14, 2019