Community Impact

People need to feed themselves, next they need to feed their own communities.
— Wendell Berry

AS OF 7/31/17

  • 32,972 meals served since opening in July of 2015.
  • 11,152 meals served to-date in 2017
  • 15,403 meals served in 2016.
  • In 2016, an average of 57 meals served per day. The record is 144 meals served in one day.


  • To-date in 2017, 430 unduplicated volunteers have worked a total of 3,227 hours.
  • Of those, 183 individuals have worked a total of 575 hours in exchange for meals. Volunteers have worked a total of 1,030 of required community service hours. Volunteers have worked a total of 1,621 voluntary community service hours.
  • In 2016, 449 unduplicated volunteers worked a total of 3,422 hours.
  • Of those, 160 individuals have worked a total of 1,036 hours in exchange for meals.


  • To-date, average amount paid/donated for a meal: $9.97. The average ticket order is $12.89. Meaning, there is a gap of $2.92 between the suggested donation/price and what is actually being donated/paidThis is a reflection of our mission at work – people who are paying what they can or volunteering in exchange for a meal.
  • Currently, 64% of the Café’s annual budget comes from what people are donating/paying for their meals. Every year, we must raise the remaining 36% from individual donors, corporate sponsors, local, state, and national funders, and special events.
  • To-date, Grace Café has the support of 294 individual donors, including 26 monthly sustaining donors.
  • The Café receives support from 14 local faith communities, and 14 national, state, and local corporate partners and funders including: TJX Foundation, Hobart Corp., KY Welfare Foundation, Trim Masters Foundation, Community Trust Bank, Farmer’s National Bank, Bluegrass Chiro, Bob Allen Motor Mall, Stuart Powell Lincoln/Ford/Mazda, Good Foods Coop and the National Christian Foundation.


  • Since opening, Grace Café has invested $50,691.61 in local agriculture by buying direct from local farmers, growers, and artisan producers.
  • Grace Café’s 2017 Operating Budget when broken down into four main categories, reflects the following expenses:
    • People – 47.00 % ($156,695)
    • Food – 29.33% ($82,400)
    • Facility – 15.04% ($36,800)
    • Administration – 8.63 % ($40,250)