Partner with Grace Café so that no one goes hungry in our community.

Our corporate partners should know exactly how their support helps to make a real and lasting impact in the fight to stop hunger in our community. When you make a contribution to Grace Café, everyone benefits!

Here are some concrete ways that YOU can feed our community fresh, local, and delicious food.


Buy lunch! End hunger and food insecurity one meal at a time.

50 Adult Meals … $250        

100 Adult Meals … $500                 

150 Kids Meals or 60 Adult Meals … $750     

200 Kids Meals or 80 Adult Meals … $1,000

Farm-to-table sponsors

Work to support our local farming economy to deliver the tastiest and most nutritious food available.

Purchase a Whole Hog (with processing) … $1,000

Purchase a Whole Cow (with processing) … $2,000

Close THe Gap sponsors

One of the most impactful mission measurements is The Gap—the difference between the suggested donation amount for a meal and the average amount that is actually donated. We calculate the average Gap each month. For example, in August 2018, the Gap was $5.47 per meal. As more people use our pay-what-you-can system, the Gap will continue to grow. Help us close the Gap so that we are able to serve more people who either volunteer for a meal or simply pay-what-they-can.

Close the Gap for:                                   

One week …$2,625                   

Two weeks … $5,250 

Three weeks …$7,875                  

One month … $10,500

Friends of Grace CAFÉ

Be part of the solution.

Sponsorships of $100 to $249


Corporate Partner Benefits

All sponsors

All sponsors are recognized with permanent logo placement on our Corporate Partnership Thank You poster located by the Community Table.

Sponsors $500 +

Sponsorships of $500 + also receive three “shout outs” on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and a hyperlinked listing in Grace Café’s monthly e-newsletter sent to a 1,200+ subscriber list.

Sponsors $1,000 +

Sponsorships of $1,000 + also include permanent logo placement, with hyperlink, on Grace Café’s website home page and additional logo placement on printed materials during the sponsorship year including: table signs, invitations for special events, donor and investor events, and print advertising including the Advocate Messenger print ads every Friday, as well as online ads with the Heart of Danville and Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce. Sponsors also have the option of an exclusive Business Spotlight shared on social media.

Ready to Join the Community Table?

Please fill out our Corporate Sponsorship Return Form. Send the completed form via email to or via post to:

Grace Café, Inc.
P.O. Box 2384
Danville, KY 40423-2384

Thank you!