Meet the Birdhouse: A Short Biography

Birdhouse Birthday (2).jpg

The Birdhouse has been a part of Grace Café since the very beginning.

Modeled after ComeUnity Cafe in Jackson, TN, the Birdhouse was an anonymous donation system that allowed patrons to pay-what-they-can for their meal or pay-it-forward for others. Built by Nick Lacy and painted by Judith Bayless, the Birdhouse has been a colorful and memorable addition to the Café.

This year, however, the Birdhouse left its home in the Café and has been on a quest traveling around the city of Danville. The Birdhouse is on a mission to spread the word about hunger, poverty, and how to build compassionate and inclusive communities around food.

Think of the Birdhouse as Grace Café’s mascot, if you will, our hero and champion of food justice and security. On its surface, it’s a house for the birds, but it’s just as much a symbol of home for anyone who needs it—an invitation into Grace Café’s community.

An invitation that says, “Come, sit, and have a meal with us.”

The Birdhouse carries information about Grace Café and food insecurity in Danville. Additionally, it accepts donations on behalf of the Café.

You can find the Birdhouse at Danville’s local establishments and follow the Birdhouse on Facebook and Twitter! @Birdhouse2019.

If you have questions, fan letters, or would like to host the Birdhouse, please email


(from left to right, top to bottom)

The Birdhouse at Bluegrass & Buttercream, Community Trust Bank, Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, Harvey’s, Plank on Main, and Tut’s Egyptian Cuisine